Jan 2008 - Pics from the Past 01

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barnyard.jpg bear.jpg christine.jpg claudeharveylaurenlouise.jpg duckschickens.psd
Our barnyard - my chickens & ducks. Notice large rock (ledge) in background which can be now located to the right of Sycamore Steve Dickinson, Susan Phelps, Bonnie Burns, Christine Burns, Robert Bruce, Robert Young Burns, Bob Burns, Ethel Phelps (Nana) Christine Phelps Susan Louise Smith, Loren Smith, Harvey Smith, Claude Smith (standing) New Ashford barnyard, dog is Jiggs
fordcottage.jpg giggs.jpg heididucks26may1973.jpg heidigate12jun1972.psd heidimommomgigetducks.jpg
Ford Cottage, Dalam, England about 1967 Driveway to our house before it was moved. Giggs. Heidi with the duck at the pond in New Ashford - 1973 Heidi by the gate that I build from the wood crate that my 1969 Triumph was shipped in from England S. Louise Phelps, dog Gidget, Sandra Phelps, Heidi by pond in New Ashford.
heidisheepappletreejune1973.jpg house+barn.jpg louise+house.jpg louisephelpslamb.jpg louisephelpslambs.jpg
Heidi with New Ashford sheep 1973 House & Barn in New Ashford beford new route 7 came through our yard. Susan L Phelps Susan L Phelps caring for lamb S. Louise Phelps with some of her lambs
mallards-sheep.jpg marquetrywilliamstown.jpg newashfordbrook.jpg oakbridge.jpg papa-robertbruce.jpg
My Mallards with our Suffolk sheep Display of my marquetry in Williamstown Robert & Susan - New Ashford brook before it was moved. Robert Phelps, Andy Garrison, Roger Phelps-building oak stringer bridge before house was move over to this location. Papa (Robert G) & Robert Bruce in Papa's back on Linden Street.
papanana.jpg readyforcamping.jpg robertbrucerogerhoward.jpg robertclaudesusanvi.jpg roger-louise-phelps.jpg
S. Louise Phelps, Bessie, Harald Havilin, Emma Havalin, Harrait Bratcher, Henry Bratcher, Robert G. Phelps, Roger H. Phelps, Robert Bruce Phelps, Ethel Phelps, ?., Christine Phelps, ? Betsy Phelps & Brenda Phelps "dressing Up" by our 1976 camper. Robert Phelps, Roger Phelps in Papa's garden on 42 Linden St. Robert Bruce, Susan, Claude Smith, Vi Smith Roger & Louise Phelps
rogerphelpsgigetsheep1973ab.jpg ruth-w.jpg sandrasusan.jpg scan001.jpg
Roger H. Phelps with his sheep about 1973 Louise Phelps, Ann Wariger, Ellis Wariger, Ruth Wariger, Grace Wariger, Susan Phelps, Robert Bruce, &Spot the dog - Barn - 1794 (before house moved across road.) Sandra & Susan Marshall Betsy moving pumpkins

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