Danube River Cruise - Budapest, Hungry to Nuermberg, Germany

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Chance to relax after arriving in Budapest Top Deck of Oden Chain Bridge across Danube in Budapest Morning tour of Budapest
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Budapest Castle
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Looking toward the Danube from the Castle
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Playing Statue
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Searching for spices Not to worry... if the boat sinks, some of it will still be sticking out of the water!
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Vienna, Austria
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Oden docked outside of Vienna
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Servings get quite fancy Entering the Wachau Valley Our sister ship as we sail up Danube
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Interesting ferry on a cable
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Captain controling boat into lock with one of two auxillary wheel houses. Passau St. stephen's Cathedral
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A walk across the bridge Hicking up to Veste Oberhaus
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View back towards our boat in Passau These river boats (about 400 ft long) can just fit side by side in a lock
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Beer being delivered in Regensburg.
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Regensburg Stone Bridge
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The river is quite busy - typical boat We were lower about 80 ft - and then went through the opening at the bottom of the door. Nuremberg, Germany
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Nuremberg, Germany Walking down from the Castle
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