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Florida Road Trip - Jan. 2016

Eric's Birthday, Easter Walk in Fields, Carol's Birthday, Alec Cabin Foundation, Bonnie's 50th - Spring to Jun. 2016

Starting Cabin with Kyra and Eliza-- (floor, North and South walls) - Jun. 2016

Short Video of Kyra - Laying out the plates for the South wall of the cabin

Kyra Tedding, Anna Graduation, Clark Art, Cabin East wall- Jun. 2016

Short Video of Kyra Tedding Hay --   (1024x576)   or    (720x576)

Cabin - Building Roof Trusses, Sheathing three walls - Jun. 2016

Cabin - Raising Roof Trusses - Jun. 2016

Cabin - West Gable, Eric Moving Round Bales - Jun. 2016

Short Video of Eric Moving Round Bales

Cabin - Roof Nailers, Baby Veggies, Metal Roofing Arrives - Jul 2016

Cabin Metal Roof, Smith Family in Salem,NJ, Joe's Birthday - Jul 2016

Anna's Wand Box, Pumpkin field, Rodeo - Aug 2016

Families Gathers at Thousand Island Park - Aug 2016

Thousand Island Boat Ride

Testing video files

Thousand Island Boat Ride - 2 (21.6 MB )

Thousand Island Boat Ride - tpi-boat-ride2(1) from Ed (3.2 MB)

Thousand Island Boat Ride - tpi-boat-ride2bob (1.8 MB)

Testing video files

Paula, North Creek Train, Cows, Anna Corn, Cabin Porch, Donuts - Aug 2016

Schaghticoke fair, Cows, Gary Tractor Pull - Sept. 2016

Anna Cookies, Cabin, Gary's B Day, Cows - Sept. 2016

Gary at Tractor Pull, Schaughticoke Fair - 2016

Kyra B-Day, New Ashford, Fall Colors - Oct. 2016

Lunch with Betsy, Pumpkins, Cabin - Oct. 2016

Hudson+Betsy B-Day, Thanksgiving - Nov. 2016

Bren+Matt before Christmas, Dinner at Susan, Hoosick Christmas - Dec-Jan 2017

Alex & Hudson at Aquarium, Snow Storm - Feb 2017

Brenda Shower - Feb 2017

Wagon ride to Cabin in Snow - After Brenda's Shower (video)

Hudson and Anna Building - March 2017

Hudson Sanding (video)

Glenns Sugar House, Snow, March 2017

Plowing Snow (video)

Alec and Hudson Explore Cabin and Build stuff April 2017

Robert Breese 90th B-Day Party, Cabin Cam - April 2017

New Ashford, Alec B-Day, Cabin Cam - June 2017

Anna pottery, Luck's Auction, Kyra Cabin, Hudson/Anna Boxes - June 2017

Sammy in Portland, Steve/Judy, B-Day - July 2017

Party at Susan's, Flood - July 2017

Joe's Party, Long Lake - Aug 2017

Repairing culvert after flood. (video) Aug 2017

Hudson Piano (video) 2017

Garrett + Amber Wedding, Calves, Race Track,Cabin, Shelving Rock - Aug 2017

Shelving Rock (video) Aug 2017

Hudson Soccer (video) Aug 2017

Cornish-Windsor Bridge, NY Botanical Gardens - Dale Chihuly - Sept. 2017

Yom Kippur, Pumpkins, Kyra B-day - Sept. 2017

Hudson driving 4-Wheeler in Teepee Field (video) Oct 2017

Truck Cam - Going down in Mine to get shoulder stone (video) Oct 2017

Truck Cam - Coming back up out and getting on scale (video) Oct 2017

Old Aerial Mapletown Photo, Cross Family Pumpkins/Tractor, - Oct. 2017

Wagon Ride to get Pumpkins (video) Oct 2017

Hudson indoor Soccer, Thanksgiving, Hudson/Betsy B-day - Nov. 2017

GOOD TIMES - Cabin development during first 1.5 years (video) 2016-17