Lima - Cusco (Cuzco) to small town of Urubamba in the Sacred Valley

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Arriving in Cuzco from Lima A stop along the way to Urubamba Lots of colorful things to bargin for. Llamas
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Carrying harvested corn back home Jessica showing us how they make soap suds from roots A weaving demonstration using a Llama bone to feed the wool yarn through. Materials used to dye the yarn
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Jessica & our tour guide Washington Ollantaytambo in Sacred Valley
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Stop to visit Potter on way back to Uruabomba Hotel in Urubamba Urubamba Part of our tour group stop for pics
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Pedro - shepard On way to Maras The Maras salt mines Salt mines of Maras
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Roads were narrow, steep with very steep drop-offs Salt Mines
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Narrow streets of Moray Donkeys along the way from Moray to Ag. Experimental Center of Moray
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Ag Experimental Cener - 500 years ago Inca agricultural research station
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Floating steps Moray Terraces 75 km from Cusco
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Only say one tractor in all of Peru visit Urumbamba River on the morning when heading down stream to Machu Picchu Inka trail bridge
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Very impressive rapids Coming into train station to transfer to bus
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Part of the group getting ready for bus up to Machu Picchu Machu Picchu Made it, quite a hike.
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Lunch in after Machu Picchu Introduced to Peruvian Music
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Train tracks down the center of town
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Outside our Hotel in Cuszo before going out for supper with...